Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fun Time

Wall Climbing

Rain Sounds

Close your eyes and listen to the "Home Made" rain sounds
Home Made Rain

Real Rain

Ninja Movie

Check out my Ninja Movie....

Fixing a Disturbing Alarm Clock- DIY

I was enjoying my snugly duvet but this Alarm clock woke me up-
I had to fix it- check it out How::)

Do try this at home......

Step by Step guide

Unscrew the cover

Take the battery out

Look for the noisy speaker

pluck the wires

Take the speaker out

Fix the Clock back

Now you can enjoy your snugly duvet and avoid all the alarms.
Now let me pack up as Mummy is coming.....

Viking Ghost Ship

Hi Friends,

Today i made a fantastic ship and I took a picture of it but i wobbled the camera and it appeared as a ghost ship.
Scary Ghost Ship

All Aboard.....

Dragon Heart Viking Ship

Viking Ship Sets Sails

Wind Mill- Very Impressive

Hi Guys,

Yesterday I saw a very very impressive and effective windmill. Check this out.
May be I will try making this at home.

Hope you like it.