Sunday, 9 February 2014

Time to rest now......

My next project- Titanic

Hi Friends
I am now making Titanic because it is 1000000 years old

And i am nearly finished

Visit me at 46 kelvin gate or use a sat nav to get here.

And it was my Birthday yesterday and i got a Lego Cargo Plane

it took 2 hours to build it

Titanic's wreck

ISS recycling

This is where everything is dumped for recycling. Sadly my ISS is also here.

Check this out - Recycling for Kids

Project ISS - An Update

Hi Friends, I am nearly finished with my ISS - but it is too tiring and difficult to complete this. And my Mum says no more cardboard - So we have to recycle the ISS. very sad but it is an order::).

She is right it is a big mess::)

This is how it looks now. Not very bad though.

Finally Almost complete ISS model. better luck next time.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

One Hour of Code with Daddy!!

Hooray- I have just finished "One Hour of Code"
Of course my Daddy helped me::) Here's my certificate------ Wow- This is Fun.
Try this out friends - >

My Certificate