Sunday, 19 January 2014

Headset Stand......

Hi Friends,
If you have a headset- and you are struggling to make one copy this picture or try to do a design.
You will need One tube , Scissors,four triangle card,a hole in the the tube, and a base::)

And start cracking ::)

Arin Rai Bhardwaj

My ISS Model Progressing - Hoorray!!!!

The Beginning...

bit of copying::)


Main Structure Complete....

Lot of work pending.......

Solar panel and mini ISS

These Solar Panels are Big....

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Spot The Station- 2

Use this to picture to spot the ISS.

Use "Naughty Elephant Squirt Water"

Spot The Station- ISS

Hi Friends,

I have found a wonderful thing and that is "Spot The Station".
Yes- You can yourselves watch ISS (International Space Station) passing right from the top of your town.

Check out this cool Link and subscribe for daily alerts.

And this is very Easy.
Hope you will like this.

And one thing more I am (with my Daddy) planning to make one ISS using junk cardboards.
And once done it should look like this ::)

Hope for the Best ........