Sunday, 29 September 2013


My Dadi brought me a present from India- 

Mechanix Box.

I really love playing with and building different things from this magic tool box::)


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Holiday Fun @ Odds Farm

This summer I went to Odds Farm with my Mummy and Daddy.
It was fun feeding the sheep, pigs and cows.

I really enjoyed being there.

I will send you few more pics soon ::)


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Art and Craft for Kids

Arin- The Handy Man


"Hi my name is  Arin- I am 7 years old and I study in year 3.
I love making models from junk, scrap paper or card boards and tubes. I wanted to share my model pictures with my friends and family. "

I love watching Artzooka for art and new ideas and Mythbuster as it always ends with an explosion ::).

Thanks to Tesco, Morrison, Sainsbury, BP, Honeywell and all those stores, company and individuals- Who allowed me to use their scrap card boards and paper tubes for building these models. And a special thanks to Mummy and Daddy for helping me build my super models.

If you want  to make a model I can be of your help. Just let me know and I can help you or we can do it together ::)

Safety First

Message for kids- Always ask an adult to help you while cutting or using sharp objects. It can be dangerous to use scissors or paper knives.

I will keep posting pictures of my models - Hope you will like it.

Rocket Launch

Rocket launch -1

Snappy Croc

Proto Type 

Snappy Croc- Chop Chop :)

Rusty Ship

Sticky Tape Roll

Pen Holder



Space Ship- to Moon :)


Healthy Eggy tank

Plastic Cup Robot

Paper castle

Snappy Croc

War Ship
Eddie Stobart- Truck
Space Ship

Flying Boss

The Boss


Windmill - 1
Cheeky Horse

Little Sheep

Funky Windmill